Announcement: We’re not dead!

Contrary to the belief of the necromancers that keep stalking us we are not dead! We have some big announcements. This post is only the first with more to come as plans are finalized.



February 24th we launched our website. Since then we’ve gone through a lot of growing pains. We’ve tried a lot of different things since we started. Some were successes, most weren’t. We’ve taken some time to reevaluate where the site is heading and what you all respond to the most. Rest assured that Star Wars month will still happen in May and I am already preparing content for it. But to mark the 1-year anniversary of the site we’ll be expanding the Beginner Lessons section of the site to include GM Lessons. We will also post 2 lessons on the anniversary date followed by an additional GM lesson every day for the following week. We will also be giving more focus to the game reviews. We are excited for the new year and are very thankful for all of the support you have given us. Thank you so much.

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