Assassin Astromech Build

Today’s build is around an astromech droid that secretly has a murderous side. R4-T7 was an R4 unit that was reprogrammed to assist in clearing out rooms without being detected. Because of how common astromech droids are they are often ignored by many people. This allows R4-T7 to move about unnoticed. Despite this the droid has little XP spent on stealth as it isn’t needed. Instead the XP has been spent on deception so that the droid can pretend like it’s supposed to be there. It comes equipped with gas canisters it can release in a room to affect everyone in there. As a droid R4 is invulnerable to poison gas and can hack computers easily making it an excellent assassin.



Assassin Astromech

Assassin Astromech Full

Here’s a full list of the XP expenditure

Bounty Hunter career: Perception, Piloting-Planetary, Piloting-Space, Ranged-Heavy, Streetwise, and Vigilance career skills

Assassin specialization: Ranged-Heavy, Skullduggery, and Stealth specialization skills

50 XP for 2 ranks in Intellect

50 XP for 2 ranks in Cunning

5 XP for Grit talent

5 XP for Stalker talent

10 XP for 1 rank in the Computers skill

25 XP for 2 ranks in the Deception skill

10 XP for 1 rank in the Perception skill

10 XP for 1 rank in the Ranged-Light skill

10 XP for 1 rank in the Skullduggery skill

Heavy Clothing

4 doses of Dioxis Gas

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