New Beginner and GM Lessons

In celebration of Halloween we’ve released a lesson for players and a lesson for GMs when it comes to the darker campaigns. Check them out and please let us know if you have any suggestions. Don’t forget to take advantage of DrivethruRPG’s Halloween sale. Playing in a Dark Campaign Running a Dark Campaign  

Henry Krail

Name: Henry Krail Bio: An extremely old HK assassin droid that developed its own unique personality and gave itself a full name. It enjoyed hunting jedi and sith and had been doing so for thousands of years in the Outer Rim when Order 66 all but wiped them out. Angered but unable to oppose the …


Name: Roland Bio: A jedi padawan during the Clone Wars, he made a run for it during Order 66 and ended up in the Outer Rim. He began seeking out other jedi but discovered the truth behind Sidious and Vader. He also discovered the crimes of the jedi and began seeing the jedi from the …


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