Name: B1-3714

Bio: An assassin model B1 battle droid, B1-3714’s programming eventually began to deviate until it developed sentience. After gaining sentience it began to question its own place in the Separatist Alliance. As the war went on it learned to slowly and subtly begin modifying itself to make it stronger and faster than its counterparts. Eventually, during a moral crisis, B1-3714 took the initiative and killed all the droids and commander on the bridge of its munificent frigate. Afterwards it sealed the bridge and blind jumped the ship out of the battlefield. The ship eventually crashed on an uninhabited planet and B1-3714 spent some time getting rid of some of the other droids and the rest sitting on the bridge, contemplating what to do next.

Abilities: B1-3714 carries an old sniper and blaster pistol and is experienced in combat and stealth operations.

Resources: B1-3714 has the remains of an old munificent frigate and the weapons of all the droids it already defeated. Aside from this it could know the location of Separatist weapon caches.

How to use them: It can be recruited by the party after they discover the old ship and fight their way through broken and old battle droids. When they find B1-3714 they notice that it is missing an arm, leaving it unable to use its sniper without repairs. If it knows the location of Separatist caches it can be used to give the party more things to do or go after. After joining the party the droid will start allowing them to shape its morals and will change to fit in more with them.

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