Beginner Lessons

These are short lessons about various general topics that come up in nearly every Tabletop RPG. If there’s a topic you want covered feel free to comment in one of the lessons or send an email to Mr. Dennett.

Player Lessons

What is an RPG?

What is a DM, GM, or Narrator?

What is a DPS, Tank, and Support?

What is an NPC?

What are stats? HP, EXP, etc.

D6, D12, D20?

Combat Encounters Vs. Narrative Encounters

Playing a Character

Making a Character Too Interesting and Independent

In-Character and Out-of-Character


Entering Mid-Campaign

Playing in a Dark Campaign

GM Lessons

What is a GM?

Adding a new player mid-campaign

Story Vs Player Freedom

House Rules


Fudging Rolls

Campaign Tone

Running a Dark Campaign