What is a DPS, Tank, and Support?

When you start playing more often you will probably hear the terms DPS, Tank, and Medic/Support. These terms describe the three primary roles in a group.

DPS stands for Damage-Per-Second and is used to describe a character who is built to deal damage to enemies. These characters often have low health and few additional abilities but deal a large amount of damage in very few actions.

Tanks are characters who are designed to gain enemy attention and resist taking damage. These characters usually have a high defense or evade, if they are a Dodge Tank, but little in the way of dealing damage. They also often have abilities that force an enemy to focus on them instead of the DPS character.

The Medic/Support is the role of someone who focuses on healing the other players and either giving them bonuses to their rolls or penalties to enemy rolls.

Face characters, or Charisma characters are also sometimes mentioned. These are characters with little to know use in combat and are instead meant for out of combat situations such as negotiating or lying. These characters focus primarily on their social stats and skills to get through a large amount of scenarios that the combat focused characters would have difficulty with.


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