Entering Mid-Campaign

Playing your first game with a new group can be intimidating. It can be especially intimidating, however, if you are joining a group that is already in the middle of their own campaign. This is more common than it might seem at first glance. Groups can often lose members for various reasons and often need replacements. Some groups were just naturally small and so can easily accommodate an additional player. When joining these groups there are some things to keep in mind.


The first is that as the new person your character will need justification for joining the party. This can range from a simple insert, especially if the party are under contract for a mission since the employer can simply hire an additional person, to the extremely complex quest inserts. These work additionally hard to insert the player’s character. Sometimes they are freed while the party attacks an enemy’s base. Other times the party is aware it needs help and will undergo an entire arc to find the new character and convince that character to join them. Either way, your character will need to go through the process of introducing themselves to the party and figuring out where they fit in with the established group dynamic.


Similar to the character’s need to understand the group dynamic, you will also need to figure out the group dynamic of the other players. Hopefully your GM will already have explained the current setup and rules of the table. You should also have a chance to meet the other players before the first session with them so you can get to know them. Understanding the group dynamics will help you to know how to play with the group without intruding on the established structure. That being said, don’t be afraid to bring your own uniqueness and opinions to the table. Half of the roleplay experience is having fun with the people at the table and the crazy ideas and perspectives they can have.


Take time to familiarize yourself with the group and integrate both yourself and your chatacter and you’ll have fun and be a regular in no time.

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