Playing a Character

One of the core focuses of tabletop RPGs is the player and their character. The character is often constructed from the ground up by the player and controlled almost exclusively by them. Many characters are made quickly and are meant to be used and thrown away but many others are made with long backstories and carefully crafted personas. How well detailed a player’s character s is is ultimately up to them.


Newcomers to a game will often feel nervous and if they are new to the group that feeling can be magnified. Because of this, some players will not be comfortable fully acting out their character and this is okay. Through media games like D&D are often portrayed with people fully acting out their characters and sometimes even dressing up as them during sessions. While this can be very fun and make the story and interactions more engaging it is often times not how these sessions play out. New players should feel comfortable with their characters and many players find it more comfortable to interact at a distance. A player controlling a character named Bob might not want to fully get in character and will instead say “Bob runs over to the girl and asks if she’s alright.” Some groups prefer this method of roleplay and it is often much easier for newcomers. Some groups use a mixture, where one player will be fully in character and another will be out of character using the he said, she said model. If a player is unsure what is expected of them then they should talk with their GM. The GM is there to make sure everyone has fun and has a comfortable environment to play in. A player should never feel pressured into playing the game in a way they are uncomfortable with.


As a player goes through multiple sessions and spends more time with their group they will find the roleplay style that best suits them. The styles are not exclusive to experience and even the most experienced players sometimes prefer speaking in the third person for their character. A player should always know that there are always multiple options available to them and there is nor right way to roleplay, just their way. I hope this helps out anyone struggling to find their voice in their game and if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know in the comments below.

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