What are stats? HP, EXP, etc.

Stats, or statistics, are the governing numbers that define your character’s abilities. How intelligent, strong, and fast they are is governed by these. The most common stats in RPGs are Experience (Exp), Hit Points (HP), and Level (Lv). Hit points are the easiest to understand. Hit points reference how much damage a character can receive before dying. The more HP you have the more damage you can take and keep going. Levels are a measure of your character’s growth. Some games like Shadowrun and Star Wars do not use levels, preferring a point-buy system where you spend experience to buy stats, but most will use a level system wherein you gain new abilities and stats when you level up. Experience is a measure of progress towards the next level or a pool of points used to buy abilities. In either case they are often rewarded by the GM and how much you get is determined by both the GM and the game you are playing. You can be awarded Exp for good role-playing, success in combat, or success in tests of skill. Besides these most other stats vary from game to game and it is best to read the book in order to determine their meaning but below is a list of common ones and their meanings.

  • Accuracy: Ability to hit a target
  • Weapon Damage/ Strike: Damage inflicted by a successful hit
  • Soak: How much damage can be ignored before the rest comes out of HP, if soak is higher than the damage than HP takes no damage
  • Evade: Ability to not be hit by attacks, usually opposed by Accuracy
  • Brawn: Raw strength of character
  • Dexterity: Balance and flexibility of character
  • Charisma: Ability to lie and negotiate in social situations
  • Priority/ Initiative: Determines who goes first in combat
  • Actions: can be split by specific types such as standard and move or be pooled into action point, determines how much your character can do in a single turn.

Are there others you want to know about?

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