Mustafarian Wanderer

This build is for a force sensitive Mustafarian who wanders the desserts of Tatooine. For any of the character builds that get posted please feel free to use them for yourselves! They are here for you.   Mustafarian Wanderer Mustafarian Wanderer Full Here’s a list of the exact XP expenditure. Vigilante 10 = +5 XP …

Abbadon-Class Battleship
Aggressor-Class Star Destroyer
Apocalypse-Class Battleship
Armageddon-Class Battleship
Crusader-Class Corvette
F9-TZ Transport
Harbinger-Class Battlecruiser
Interceptor IV Frigate
Koensayr BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Starfighter
Missile Attack Launcher
Omen-Class Cruiser
Punisher-Class Frigate
Vengeance-Class Frigate
Capsule Corporation Spaceship

Extra Vehicles

Scaling Campaigns

It is often natural for campaigns to scale upward as they go. Players will naturally collect more resources as the game goes on and as a GM it can become a concern as to how to keep the campaign interesting. While a group might find a fight with a group of Stormtroopers a challenge in …

Rodian Civil War Campaign

Starting off Star Wars month is a campaign idea that borrows a small mission from one of the supplements and expands it to a massive campaign. The mission is ANYYON, The Guardians of An’yettu,¬†found on page 85 of Dangerous Covenants. The party is hired by a minor rodian clan to help them push back against …