Commander Sleras

Name: Commander Steped Sleras

Bio: He was raised on a minor planet that soon began seeing exploitation by the Empire. His parents were taken in by the ISB but he escaped and found his way into the Alliance. He displayed an affinity for tactics and command and led a small fleet for a short time before being put in charge of a small base on the edge of the Mid Rim. While still young he is very calculating and commands respect from his soldiers.

Abilities: As a commander he has a strong grasp of military tactics and a deep knowledge of the Outer Rim. He is also a strong negotiator and well educated.

Resources: He is in charge of Erian Base and its limited resources.

How to use them: Sleras is very calm and calculating. He waits to hear as much information as he can before making a decision and handles all assignments personally. A rebel party could operate out of this base and receive assignments for jobs in the Outer Rim from Sleras himself. They can also requisition items that are in the base inventory. This base primarily handles asset denial and strike missions but is flexible enough to handle others when needed.

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