Conspiracy Campaign

Today’s campaign idea centers around a mystery and trying to prove your innocence.  The party is arriving to an industrialized world such as Nar Shadaa or Coruscant. As they arrive they see a ship of the same make as theirs leaving the port. They land and come out of their ship as some thugs arrive with blasters drawn saying ‘they’re gonna pay for what they took’. They immediately open fire and the team must either wipe them out or flee in their ship. At this point they need to find who it was that they were mistaken for and prove their innocence in a crime that sees thugs hunting them throughout the galaxy.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • If the party kills the thugs they have a chance to go out into the city and see if they can find out what they were attacked over. With some good rolls they can find out that a local Hutt has only just had some of his bounty hunters turn on him and steal his prototype droid.  If they stay on the planet for more than 2 days they will find their ship stolen. It is now in the clutches of the Hutt, Jetta.
  • If they flee the planet they must figure out where the ship went. With a good Underworld skill check they can determine Ord Mantell would be the best option. Otherwise they go to another planet in search of the bounty hunters.
  • Every time they head to the wrong planet they are attacked by a group of thugs from the hutt. If they go to more than 3 wrong planets then a squad of gank hunters come after them.
  • When on Ord Mantell they can try to scan for the ship or land at a spaceport and ask around for a ship similar to theirs arriving. An alternative is breaking into the communications tower at a spaceport and hacking the systems to look up arrivals and departures of different ships. Eventually they can find out that a similar ship to theirs is nearby.
  • Once the ship is located they can either hide on the ship ad wait for the owners to return or go and find information about them. Any despair rolled during the investigation tips off the bounty hunters to the group and they flee the planet. If this happens the party can follow immediately after them and if they didn’t put a tracker on the ship then a hard Astrogation skill check will let them guesstimate their hyperspace direction leading them to Tatooine.
  • If the party is fast enough in getting to their ship they can initiate a chase sequence against the bounty hunters. This would first take place in atmosphere around a mountain range as the bounty hunters try to lose them before going into orbit and fighting to stop the bounty hunters from going into hyperspace.
  • If the party encounters the hutts thugs while on their way to confront the bounty hunters they may make a once upgraded Negotiation skill check to convince the thugs to hear them out and give them a chance to prove their innocence. If they do this then the thugs will demand to take the droid at the end of the encounter and the party will only get their name cleared.
  • Eventually they discover the bounty hunters’ identities, a group of mirialan and muun. They stole the droid because it has a copy of the entire Imperial archives. The group plans to sell it to the Empire for a hefty profit. The group can kill or subdue the group and then decide what to do with the droid.
  • If the group returns the droid to the hutt without the original team they are suspected to be the group that took it but the hutt will take it with the requirement that the team never return to that side of the planet. If they return with the group in tow they are praised and rewarded 50,000 credits.
  • If the group decides to ransom it to the Empire they are instead attacked by a pair of Inquisitors who try to take the droid. If they turn in the droid without demanding a reward they are praised for their patriotism to the Empire and given a modest 3,000 credit reward. Also, if they have any outstanding bounty or warrant by the Empire it is pardoned.


I hope this gives a good basis for a campaign full of investigation and climactic chases.

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