Edge of the Empire: Dangerous Covenants

Accessibility: 9/10

The sourcebook for Hired Guns is one of the more devastating sourcebooks, in terms of firepower, and offers a lot of valuable information. Aside from it’s short story in the beginning the book is broken into three chapters covering the character, the gear, and the GM tips for hired gun characters.

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The first chapter covers the types of jobs the hired gun career includes as well as the backgrounds that can accompany them. The book includes three new species and three new specializations. Two of these specializations include the Heavy for those wanting to carry miniguns and demolitionist for the mad bomber in everyone. The standout addition is the signature abilities, one of which allows the character to instantly kill or incapacitate every minion in an encounter, and eventually some rivals as well.

New weapons on page 44

Chapter two has a lot of gear and weapons to go with the destructive character options in the first chapter. The weapons include grenade launchers, machine guns, flamethrowers, a variety of grenades, and some interesting melee weapons. There are new combat armors and even power armor for characters and plenty of attachments and paramilitary gear. There are plenty of new starships, including the terrifying Keldabe-class batleship, seen in Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption. It also includes a useful chart for converting non-military to paramilitary vehicles. The chapter is well laid out with all the information neatly categorized, making it very easy to read.

Hired gun campaigns on page 87

The final chapter covers GM tips for using hired gun characters. It includes details for their jobs, working for a group vs working independently, working for criminals, and their motivations for working. It also covers tips for running different combat encounters such as ambushes and vehicle combat. It also gives some sample encounters that include a setting, cover and objectives, adversaries, encounter, and a surprise. The book also contains a few, multi-episode, campaigns that are rather fun and adaptable, as well as easy to follow. One of the most useful pieces in this book is the pay scale table that helps the GM determine financial rewards for mercenary jobs. It also covers additional rewards as well as some tips for making combat more cinematic.

Overall the book is very well laid out and each chapter is filled with useful information that is easy to digest. The campaigns are well-laid out and contain a great amount of information. The second chapter is most likely to be the biggest appeal of the book for players since weapons are universal and the ships are always fun. The book is a great read and provides a lot of information.

Accessibility: 9/10