Gank Rebel

Gank Rebel

Thane Feros is a gank rebel who cares little for the Rebellion’s cause or the people in it. 5 Years ago he was just another mercenary on Nar Shadaa but when the Empire killed his pack during a mission that saw him as the sole survivor his anger and thirst for vengeance could not be contained by the Hutts. He joined the Rebellion with the sole intent to use their war against the Empire as a means to eradicate every last Imperial he can. Because of his ruthlessness he is only sent on missions that are not very publicized, nor missions where they want survivors. His rage unlocked his connection to the force, a connection immediately corrupted by the darkside and used to enhance his body in combat.


Gank Rebel

Gank Rebel Full

Here’s a list of the full XP expenditure.

Hired Gun career: Brawl, Ranged-Light, Resilience, and Vigilance career skills

Mercenary Soldier specialization: Gunnery and Ranged-Heavy specialization skills

30 XP for 1 rank in Agility

15 XP for 2 ranks of Point Blank talent

5 XP for Side Step talent

20 XP for Force Sensitive Emergent specialization

5 XP for Uncanny Senses talent

10 XP for 1 rank in Brawl skill

10 XP for 1 rank in Ranged-Light

10 XP for Enhance Basic Power

5 XP for Control: Resilience upgrade

2 CDEF Blaster Pistols

1 Repulsor Fist

1 Heavy Clothing

1 Gank Comm Implant

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