General Coledge and the Coledge Corps.

Name: Adam Coledge

Bio: As a former jedi during the Clone Wars he was trained in warfare and the ways of the Force. After escaping Order 66 his mind began falling to the dark side, but he knew he could not fight the Empire on his own. He retreated into the Unknown Regions and returned a different person. He changed his name to Adam Coledge and had become far more ruthless and calculating. He took over a small gang and quickly reorganized them into a small military. He began aggressively expanding it until it was a force ready to fight the Empire. He could never assault Coruscant but he has been able to move around the Outer Rim and destroy smaller Imperial Forces.

Abilities: Aside from his brilliant tactical mind, represented by his 4 Warfare and Intellect, he is accomplished with his lightsaber and possesses Battle Meditation and Bind.

Resources: The Coledge Corps is a small but elite force that focuses on naval warfare.

How to use them: The Coledge Corps is strongly against the Empire but is much less concerned with their image, only results. If the party wants to play a Rebellion-esque campaign but wants something a little more brutal, or a group that will allow them to pursue less reputable interests while fighting the Empire. Coledge will only speak to the leader of the group and refuses to acknowledge anyone else. The Coledge Corps is a much more heavily structured military than the Alliance with more strict focus and less free movement than them. But they are less strapped for resources since they are smaller in scope.



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