Ghosts of Morne

Ghosts of Morne

The party is either hired to find or finds on their own, a derelict Victory-class Star Destroyer named the Damacles. As the party starts investigating the ship they find a large amount of corpses and blood throughout. Eventually they hear noises coming from their ship and as they return they see weird abominations tearing into it. After killing them they discover their ship is critically damaged and would take time to repair. They can decide to just stay at the ship and work on it while fending off the abominations until they finally leave or they can investigate the ship to uncover the horrors within.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • If the group stays behind and to repair their ship it will take a total of 20 success to repair. Each player can roll once a day to add successes to the pool and the difficulty should be average, or two purples. They are assaulted each day by an increasing number of abominations.
  • If they decide to investigate the ship they find a large amount of dead bodies and must fight through attacks by the abominations. They can loot equipment from the corpses of stromtroopers and officers.
  • Eventually the group can find either recordings or datapads revealing how the crew was sent by Vader to investigate a moon inhabited by someone called Morne. They were attacked by monsters known as Rakghouls and some soldiers were turned while others were just killed and eaten. The ship tried to make an escape but the hyperdrive was damaged mid-transit leaving them stranded in space.
  • The players can decide to clear the ship of rakghouls and repair it themselves which could net them a very nice profit. Not to mention all the blasters and other equipment on board. To repair the ship will take at least a week if just repairing the engines and hyperdrive. To fully restore it without help can take months.
  • If any of the party take any damage from the claws they need to pass an average resilience check or be infected by the Rakghoul Plague. If they are infected they will need to find the rakghoul serum on the ship within 3 days or turn into a rakghoul themselves.

Damacles ship


A bit shorter than normal but I wanted to leave the direction a bit more open, also the actual idea is more simplistic than some of the other campaign ideas. If you think I need to add some more let me know and if you have any other comments, questions, or critiques please leave them down below.

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