Haunted Temple campaign idea

Today’s campaign is suitable for the Halloween time or any other time you feel like being creepy. Often, especially in the Old Republic era, sith temples held the force ghosts of a deceased sith lord. The ghosts can do quite a bit, from illusions to possession to outright murder through the force. In this campaign a group of archeologists or treasure hunters finds an ancient sith temple and decide to raid/study it but are slowly driven mad my the specters that call it home.


Warning: this campaign can lead to a total party wipeout.


The first part would involve the party exploring another ruin that has been fairly well documented already. They discover an old star map that others had overlooked and slowly piece it together. They set course for the abandoned planet Tinat (made up) and discover an ancient temple buried deep in a large jungle crawling with Nexu.


The second part would deal with them going through the temple and having small hallucinations. Seeing shadows for split seconds, hearing strange sounds, etc. But these aren’t enough to confirm the place is haunted and is chalked up to imagination, or not depending on the character.


The final part is discovering there is a force ghost of a long dead sakiyan sith lord Darth Ludost. Once discovered the sith lord begins harassing the party and attempting to cause madness, giving them horrific visions and tempting them to kill one another. He will also try to mentally dominate the weaker willed members of the party and force them to kill the others. If any of the party members makes it out alive and mentally stable they must choose whether to report it to the Empire or not. If they report it or go public they will be denounced as mad and discredited by the Emperor himself, meanwhile inquisitors will be dispatched to hunt them down and silence them permanently. If they keep quiet about it then they must learn to live with the knowledge of what the temple possesses and decide what to do with the star map leading to it.


Things to keep in mind for this campaign:

  • The difficulty of checks made against the sith lord’s mental powers is dependent on two things: the player level and their proximity to the sith. If the players have 0-150 XP a difficulty of Hard or 3 purple is best, if they have 151-400 XP then a difficulty of daunting or 4 purple are best, and if they are any higher than it should be a formidable check or 5 purple. If the players are in the same room as the sith’s ghost then they upgrade the difficulty twice. Meaning a Hard check would become 2 reds and 1 purple and a formidable check would be 2 reds and 3 purple.
  • There are valuable artifacts in the temple and if the party is able to escape with any they should be valued at about 40,000 credits apiece. However each item has an encumbrance of 1 and the penalties for this should be used to their fullest.
  • During the escape attempt after the ghost has been revealed he will use his powers to begin bringing down the front of the temple causing falling debris, rough terrain, and a collapsing entrance
  • Attempting to discover that this is the tomb of a sith lord through analysis alone, before the ghost is revealed, requires a formidable Lore check. The difficulty of this is reduced for every day they spend there researching
  • While making their way to the temple they will need to pass through a dense jungle filled with nexu and other deadly creatures for them to encounter which can make their life harder and perhaps leave them weakened by the time they arrive. Because of the influence of the dark side from the temple the nexu should have a force rating of 2 and the enhance force power with the basic ability and the control: resilience, control: coordination: control: brawl, and control: brawn upgrades.
  • It is possible, if they are very lucky or very foolish, for the party to find Darth Ludost’s lightwhip. It is a lightwhip with a ghostfire crystal (Both found on pages 42 and 53 respectively in Endless Vigil) Picking it up requires an immediate daunting discipline check to not be driven mad by it. If they keep it and try to resell it. Its value is 70,000 before haggling. Once removed from the temple the lightwhip will only present a normal difficulty (or 2 purple) to anyone using it to resist seeing hallucinations)


Well I hope you all enjoyed this creepier than usual campaign idea and if you have any campaign ideas feel free to post them in the comments below.

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