Henry Krail

Name: Henry Krail

Bio: An extremely old HK assassin droid that developed its own unique personality and gave itself a full name. It enjoyed hunting jedi and sith and had been doing so for thousands of years in the Outer Rim when Order 66 all but wiped them out. Angered but unable to oppose the empire, Krail began patrolling the Outer Rim with a small droid army, taken during the Clone Wars, inside a Keldabe-Class battleship. If they run into the Empire while patrolling and think they can win they will tear them apart before moving on. Krail despises the Empire for ruining its fun.

Abilities: Krail is extremely powerful due to the years of improvement and training.

Resources: Outside of itself Krail has a small army of basic droids and the battleship  it uses to terrorize the Empire, as well as capture any jedi prey.

How to use them: Krail is mostly wandering aimlessly in the Outer Rim but for a jedi party the droid is a great boss fight for them. while the ship can be overwhelming the droid can be lured to the ground if the jedi party lets it know that they will be there. Krail will go for shooting the best fighter first and then rely on the repulsorfist if necessary.

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