IG-100 Build

IG-100 Build

This build today is actually a chracter build I used in a campaign that’s really fun. But to make full use of ti you will need your GM’s permission to start with an electrostaff. This is a build for playing an old IG-100 from the Clone Wars. The build for this is completely focused on combat as that was their reason for being and emphasizes ability with an electrostaff.



IG-100X Full

Here’s a full list of the XP expenditure

Hired Gun career: Athletics, Brawl, Discipline, Melee, Resilience and Vigilance career skills

Peacekeeper specialization: Coercion, Melee, and Resilience specialization skills

5 XP for Toughened talent

90 XP for 3 ranks in Brawn characteristic

50 XP for 2 ranks in Agility characteristic

20 XP for 1 rank in Presence characteristic (I put it there for personal taste but you can relocate this to either another characteristic, some skills, or talents.)

10 XP for 1 rank of Stealth skill


And with that you have an old fashioned IG-100 Magnaguard. You can kill most anything and with 1 rank in stealth and 3 agility you can actually sneak up on some victims. Personally, when I played him his name was IG-100X and he was the bodyguard to another player who was a pirate (and also my wife in real life). She was also a mechanic and had found him and fixed him up. Without Grievous to serve he decided to guard her. I hope you guys like the build and please let me know what else you want to see as the month continues.

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