Inquisitorius Campaign

In today’s campaign idea we take a more direct walk on the dark side. The campaign begins with the party finishing their training as inquisitors and being given their final test where they go and wipe out a discovered Rebel outpost.


The second part and main body can consist of the party hunting jedi and rebel cells or perhaps focusing on a single target and spending a good amount of time going form planet to planet trying to find them before the final showdown.


The third part is very open-ended and takes place with the Battle of Endor. The party makes a decision about where their loyalties lie. Without Vader and the Emperor to keep them in check they might go rogue and do what they want, they can ally with the Imperial Remnant and eventually retreat into the shadows to join the First Order. Whatever their choice the ending of the campaign only serves as a cliffhanger that can be picked up with another campaign or simply continued outright.


Things to keep in mind for this campaign:

  • As inquisitors it is possible for them to have access to a lot of Imperial resources. If you want to restrict this then make it so that the party acts independently with limited resources because they are larger than only one or two inquisitors.
  • While they may be able to get away with a lot in Imperial space in the Outer Rim they will have to be more careful about their actions, especially in Hutt space.
  • Because they are proper inquisitors it is recommended that the party start with 175 XP, simple armor, and a single fully modded lightsaber.
  • If they are given limited access to Imperial resources then they should at least be given a very nice ship, or maybe something like a YG-4210 Light Freighter, with stealth capabilities, perhaps using the whisperthrust engine and nightshadow coating, and maybe even a pseudo-cloaking device.
  • While Inquisitors are often given orders by the Emperor and Darth Vader it is recommended that you do not use them too often, so that their presence is still memorable. Perhaps have the party be sent an encrypted message containing the details of their targets without direct contact between them and Vader. Or have an Imperial officer or a royal guard deliver the message.


And that’s it for this campaign idea. Is there more you wanted from this? How do you feel about the new style? I’m hoping it flows better than the larger paragraphs I was using. Have any other suggestions or ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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