Jedi in a non-Jedi party

Each of the three sets for the Star Wars RPG focus on a different type of party, whether it be soldiers, criminals, or Jedi. But for many the Star Wars universe is too intertwined to separate these groups and so many people play with all three and just as there is difficulty in using obligation, morality, and duty, there is also difficulty in balancing a team of bounty hunters that have a single Jedi among them. Jedi are special in that they are very weak at the beginning but over time will become more powerful than any party member as they gain Force powers. Many of these Force powers do not have a specific resistance and deal unsoakable damage making them extremely lethal. However, Jedi can be breaking in the early game as well if not careful. A Jedi who focuses on lightsaber combat is not as slow at gaining power. Because lightsaber is just another skill it is not the experience sinkhole that the Force can be and doesn’t require filling out 3 specializations to abuse. If the Jedi character is able to gain a lightsaber early, especially a double-bladed one, the game’s combat balance can be quickly derailed. Lightsabers occupy a ridiculous space as their damage is often around 8 or 9 and they all carry the Breach quality. This quality allows the lightsaber to instantly ignore up to 10 points of soak on a target, which for most is all their soak. So a Jedi with a lightsaber can reliably do 12 damage, 24 with a double-bladed one as it has linked, which will quickly kill most enemies. The obvious answer is just make tougher enemies but if the party is still using blaster pistols with only 6 damage and no pierce qualities it will quickly become the Jedi vs. everyone while the party sits back.


There are some ways to try and re-balance if such a character appears in your game. While I don’t recommend abusing this one giving a few bosses the Cortosis quality for their armor can help them fight a lightsaber user without buffing their stats to high numbers. Cortosis is not the most common though so I would refrain from using this too often. If the rest of the party is not combat focused then you can definitely have them do other things in a fight, or design fights that emphasize their rolls. If the party has a slicer then set up an event where the party is getting overwhelmed by stormtroopers and the slicer needs to hack the blast door and close it before they all get shot. The Jedi has to cut down everyone who enters the room before the door shuts and the others provide cover fire to buy the slicer more time. If the party is more combat focused and the Jedi is stealing the spotlight consider going all out and giving the other party members equally ridiculous equipment. Whether it’s a custom blaster or giving them an Ion Disruptor from the Forged in Battle book there are some rare weapons in the game that can dish out a lot of damage and can give the other members a chance to stand next to the Jedi. Signature abilities are another good focus. The Last Man Standing signature ability for a hired gun allows them to instantly kill all minions in a room and, if upgraded, even a couple of rivals. Definitely leads to a good moment of showing off in front of the Jedi. Another idea is to keep the Jedi busy with something so that the others have to take over combat. The party is chased down a hall when a blast door shuts in front of them. Now the Jedi needs to take some times cutting through the thing Qui-gon style while the party defends them.


A Jedi character in a non-Jedi party can quickly upset the balance but with some careful planning and some good storytelling you can have your Han Solo and Luke Skywalker work together perfectly. Also beware of Inquisitors. They’re meant for Jedi parties and can quickly kill non-Jedi parties.

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