Mustafarian Wanderer

This build is for a force sensitive Mustafarian who wanders the desserts of Tatooine. For any of the character builds that get posted please feel free to use them for yourselves! They are here for you.


Mustafarian Wanderer

Mustafarian Wanderer Full

Here’s a list of the exact XP expenditure.

Vigilante 10 = +5 XP

Guardian career : Cool, Melee, Vigilance career skills

Peacekeeper specialization: Discipline and Perception specialization skills

5 XP for Confidence talent and 5 XP for Commanding Presence talent

10 XP for second rank of Discipline skill

10 XP for second rank of Melee skill

10 XP for first rank of Negotiation skill

10 XP for second rank of Perception skill

10 XP for second rank of Vigilance

10 XP for Influence basic Force power

10 XP for two Magnitude upgrades

10 XP for Control: Emotion/Belief upgrade

15 XP for Control: Skills upgrade

Equipment: Truncheon, Banal Apparel, and Commlink (handheld)

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