New Cybernetics

Cybernetics are one of the more fun types of gear to seek out and give your character. To help flesh it out more we’ve come up with some new cybernetics for you all to enjoy.


Repulsor Battering Ram

  • Rarity: 8 (Restricted)
  • Price: 20,000
  • Description: The X-87 Repulsor-Powered Mass Driver Arm A.K.A. the “Repulsor Battering Ram” is a full arm-replacing cybernetic that consists of a bulky large tube-like arm with a large hand at the end. While the arm can still bend like a regular one it is slow and awkward. The large tube extends past the elbow to reach a few inches behind the shoulder. When the arm is placed against a structure or other appropriate target multiple repulsors within the tube activate, propelling a large slug of tugnsten out of an opening in the hand and into the target with tremendous force, often punching a whole through it entirely.
  • Effects: Upgrades all Brawl checks using the arm twice and gives the arm the qualities: Slow Firing 2, and Breach 1

Fine Manipulators

  • Rarity: 7
  • Price: 4,000
  • Description: The fingers of the hand are augmented to have extremely small tools built in that allow the user to preform extreme fine tuning with greater ease.
  • Effects: Upgrades all Mechanics checks once

Cybernetic Tail

  • Rarity: 6
  • Price: 8,000
  • Description: A slightly cheaper alternative to a cybernetic arm, cybernetic tails provide enhanced balance and can be practiced with to hold small objects. An Average (◆◆) Mechanics check allows a single simple one-handed tool or weapon to be mounted on the end of the tail, and though this renders the tail incapable of handling any other item until the tool/weapon is removed, it does lower the encumbrance of the item by 2 to a minimum of zero.
  • Effects: Add 1 Boost to all Athletics and Coordination checks.

Universal Implant Comlink

  • Rarity: 6
  • Price: 850
  • Description: The UIC is simply a cybernetic implant version of the long-range comlink. It allows those implanted with it to communicate with virtually no noise outside of their own skull to anyone equipped with a standard or implanted comlink.
  • Effects: Allows communication and functions as a long-range comlink

Grappling Arm

  • Rarity: 6
  • Price: 6,500
  • Description: The Grappling Arm is an integrated grappling hook which also functions as a regular, if somewhat stronger and more durable, hand and arm. The hand is replaced with a powerful servogrip which is able to be fired from the wrist and reeled back in with a heavy-duty winch installed in the lower arm. The hand can anchor onto most surfaces assuming that there is a gripping point while the winch is capable of lifting even the heaviest humanoid with ease and at a respectable speed.
  • Effects: Installs a basic ascension pistol.
    • Average (◆◆) Ranged Light check to fire grappling hook up to medium range. Action to reel in cord.
    • Average (◆◆) Athletics check to reel in themself and another character.


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