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With how interconnected we have become and with the size of the Star Wars community I felt it would be prudent to go ahead and list off some great online resources for everyone here to use for their own games.

This is a page on the Fantasy Flight Games forums with a bunch of career ideas for different parties. This is technically only directed at careers found in Edge of the Empire but many of these can be applied to any book. It’s a really nice collection and the first place I originally posted the rodian campaign idea that I used at the beginning of this month.

This is another forum page but this one is a massive collection of community-made resources. You have name lists, adventures, and homebrew sourcebooks among plenty of other things. It’s an amazing resource for any Star Wars GM.



The biggest online database for Star Wars. The site is filled to the brim with information for nearly every planet, object, and character in the universe. If you’re having trouble picking out a mission for a rebel team just look up the year your game is set in and see all the Alliance operations and battles with the Empire that year. Now most pages are split between their canon and legends version so keep that in mind.


Star Wars Galaxy Map

This is a nice online map that you can look around and search for planets on to see where they are in the galaxy. It’s like a google maps for Star Wars without directions.


Starguments Podcast

This is a great podcast to follow. I won’t give anything away but with 13 episodes there’s more than a few laughs to be had here.


Oggdude’s Character Generator

This is easily the most important resource that I use. This character generator is beyond amazing. Constantly being updated with new books, easy to add your own information, and just looking amazing. The vehicle profiles I post on here and the example enemies are all made through this and then printed. It’s an absolutely essential tool for any Star Wars GM. Now the generator doesn’t come with any descriptions for things, just their page numbers and their mechanics. But after filling in a large portion of it for my group I can say it’s worth it. The creator is amazing and he is prompt in responding to issues. If you play the RPG then I assure you your life will be easier with this tool.


Hope these help and that you have a great day.

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