Reference Books

Reference Books

While the books released for the Star Wars RPG cover a lot of useful fields there are a lot of other great books that give invaluable information for GMs. I’m going to list some books and give their links in case anyone is interested in them.


Star Wars The Old Republic Encyclopedia

This book covers almost everything in the Old Republic era, specifically pertaining to the Star Wars MMO by Bioware. It covers ships, organizations, planets, and other aspects about the setting that are vital to running a campaign in the Old Republic era.


The Imperial Handbook

The Imperial Handbook is a massively useful tool for running an Imperial campaign. While Age of Rebellion contains a good breakdown of the Rebel Alliance and how they function there isn’t very much about how the Empire works. This is especially bad if running an Empire campaign as they are much more organized and have stricter rules, meaning it is harder to B.S. interactions and decisions by Imperial NPCs. This book contains information on troops, command ranks, terminology, strategies, and core beliefs of the Empire, making it a wonderful tool for anyone wanting to use the Empire, whether it be as enemies or allies.

The Book of the Sith

The Book of the Sith is another great book in line with the Imperial Handbook covering the Sith ideology. For a Force and Destiny campaign this is great for playing Sith, rather than Jedi, or for making engaging Sith NPCs for the players to fight and interact with. The ideology of the Sith is a large subject not often talked about in the films and so this can add a lot to a campaign involving them. This can also provide interesting information for lore checks in Sith temples or other places strong in the dark side.


The essential guide series is an incredibly useful series of books detailing a variety of things throughout the Star Wars universe. The atlas contains information on a plethora of worlds offering more variety and information for traveling in the galaxy. The weapons and vehicles books offer a lot of good information on both the tech and the companies behind the tech that can be used in any campaign. It also offers enough information that adding one of the weapons or ships, or anything else found in these books, to the system is rather straightforward. The droids book gives a lot of potential enemies to use against players or robot design ideas for droid player characters. There are many other books in this series as well that all offer a great deal of information with which to make an intriguing experience.


Hopefully these books offer some good reads and help with fleshing out the galaxy. These books are the cornerstones of many of my own campaigns and reading through them can help influence many ideas. Tell me what you think of these and if you have any book recommendations in the comments below.

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