Rodian Civil War Campaign

Starting off Star Wars month is a campaign idea that borrows a small mission from one of the supplements and expands it to a massive campaign. The mission is ANYYON, The Guardians of An’yettu, found on page 85 of Dangerous Covenants. The party is hired by a minor rodian clan to help them push back against the dominant clan. The party engages in a few different activities such as training and fighting off raiding parties, as well as capturing outposts. The mission ends with a large airspeeder battle on an island.

This campaign picks up where the mission ends. The party, during the battle for the island, demonstrate superb combat skills and make the rodians of the An’yattu clan believe that, after successfully standing up to the largest clan on the planet, they actually stand a chance at seizing power themselves. This begins a large military campaign where the party can either just fight a variety of battles, from small covert strikes to large all out assaults, or if they have varied skills work on things like helping to lead the army, helping with the long term strategy, or even speaking with other small clans and convincing them to join. This could be played out over a large map with the party slowly gaining territory, dealing with setbacks and counters and having to plan around for when the leader of the Chattza, the largest clan, asks their Imperial allies for help controlling the planet and so Imperial reinforcements enter the battle.

At the end of the campaign the party could be left with two options, if they win. They could consider trying to assume control of the planet being recognized war heroes who are both respected and feared, made easier if any of the party are rodian already, or they could simply settle with being honored guests of the planet. The second outcome would allow them to treat Rodia as a safe haven that they could retreat to when escaping or when needing free or cheap supplies and repairs. This campaign would allow any class to be useful as seizing control of a planet requires people of all trades. But for a combat focused party it can be very exciting and intense the whole way through.

To play this game the supplement Dangerous Covenants is highly recommended as it contains the base adventure and the additional supplement Lead by Example is recommended as it contains the rules for mass combat which is extremely useful for running large battles between armies.

That’s just the beginning of Star Wars month here and if there is any specific ideas or topics you want covered in the coming weeks let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and may the Force be with you.

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