Name: Roland

Bio: A jedi padawan during the Clone Wars, he made a run for it during Order 66 and ended up in the Outer Rim. He began seeking out other jedi but discovered the truth behind Sidious and Vader. He also discovered the crimes of the jedi and began seeing the jedi from the outsider perspective. This changed his morality and led him to become self absorbed. He began using his training and skill to steal and get away.

Abilities: He carries a hidden lightsaber in his cane and has the enhance Force power. Here is a compact sheet of his stats to make things easier.

Resources: While he is a great thief his resources are less than amazing. He has plenty of personal wealth and a J-Type Star Skiff that’s equipped with droid brains to handle piloting and gunnery checks.

How to use them: Roland spends most of his time in Cloud City, stealing from the rich in the higher levels and hiding out in the lower levels. He can be an enemy of the party that steals from them or is a target of bounty hunters. He can also help the players and steal things for them or provide information.

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