Save the Empire, save the galaxy.

This campaign idea centers around either a player character or an NPC that as the foresee Force ability. The premise of this relies on Star Wars Legends canon, particularly the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. The campaign starts with the Force user having a vision of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and the catastrophic loss of life from it in the absence of the Imperial military machine. Despite what evil the Empire represents, for the greater good of the galaxy the party makes the decision to stop the Rebellion so that the Empire will dominate and expand its military might to the point that when the invasion begins the losses that the galaxy suffers is far less than what it would under the weakened New Republic.

The campaign focuses on the characters joining the Rebellion and sabotaging their operations. The campaign begins with trying to find the Rebellion and getting recruited. The second phase is doing missions for the Rebellion and gaining trust while also potentially establishing a connection with the Empire. The third phase¬† is the massive sabotage that ends the Rebellion. The final betrayal can be focused around a major scene from the films or can even take place at a different point or location such as the gap between Episode IV and V or during Epsiode VI while the main cast is busy rescuing Han, leaving the Rebellion with minor and side characters. The party will have to tread a delicate line with working for the Rebellion and sabotaging their efforts. This can include sabotaging the ion cannon at Echo Base at the beginning of Episode V to succeeding at minor missions but just barely failing at critical missions or ‘accidentally’ leaving behind datapads with important information on them.


If the party decide to directly contact the Empire they will need to deal with Inquisitors and initial distrust on their side as well. If any in the party use the Force they can also expect a betrayal once the Rebellion is eliminated, unless they agree to join the Inquisitorius. At the end of the campaign the party may join the Empire or accept a retirement within Imperial worlds under strict supervision. It is not a happy victory and the players will need to deal with the consequences of empowering the Empire. But they can rest knowing that when the Yuuzhan Vong finally arrive, the Empire will protect the galaxy from one of the largest threats it has ever faced.

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