Searching the Wasteland

Searching the Wasteland is a campaign that borrows from the themes of games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and Halo. The team is hired by a Hutt or some other rich patron to go and find something very special. The planet Tarantulon is a small terrestrial world that was originally settled by a large group of Koorivar. Things eventually got out of hand and they ended up nearly destroying their new planet. Not much more is known about it since visitors never come back. It is said that there is a massive shield that was put around the planet to protect the Koorivar from outsiders and that it is still active to this day. The person hiring the party wants the tech and/or the energy source powering the shield. They promise the party a very generous 6,000 credits per person should they manage to retrieve it and bring it to them. When the party gets to the planet, however, they find that the shield is actually an EMP field around the planet that deactivates their ship and causes them to crash into the planet. The party must now discover how to deactivate the field and escape the planet.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • The planet is a post apocalyptic wasteland covered in broken cities and ruined forests.
  • The remaining inhabitants are either Koorivar that grew up there or travelers who became stranded due to the field.
  • Credits have no value here as everything is on a barter system.
  • The party will need to find sustainable food and water.
  • Depending on the piloting roll the ship may have specific components, such as the hyperdrive, that are damaged by the crash and must be repaired.
  • Also depending on the piloting roll the party may have suffered injuries that will need to be addressed. Hopefully they have a doctor.
  • The capital of the planet, Mabloria, is the first suspected location of the device, and the biggest population center.
  • The capital is a shadow of its former self and has no real government, only a few militant factions that cling desperately to power and do not like outsiders.
  • Weapons, food, and medical supplies are in short supply and the party will have to negotiate very well or obtain them through less savory means.
  • The device is actually inside an old research facility, deep in the Terian Forest, west of Mabloria. Though there aren’t many creatures left the automated defenses and droids of the facility will make things difficult for the party.
  • The party can choose whether to take the large kyber crystal powering the field or leave it.
  • The party can also download the schematics of the EMP field device with a Hard Computers check.
  • The party can look into salvaging parts from other crashed ships, or if theirs is too heavily damaged then repair one of the crashed ones instead.
  • If the party returns with both they can receive a bonus from their employer.

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