Selonian Saboteur

Selonian Saboteur

Ivka Eris is a selonian saboteur for the Rebellion. Her lithe body and flexibility make her perfect for sneaking around depots and planting explosives. The Empire’s policies towards non-humans has pushed this selonian into the war for her people.

Selonian Saboteur

Selonian Saboteur Full

Here’s a list of the full XP expenditure:

Hired Gun career: Athletics, Discipline, Piloting-Planetary, and Vigilance career skills

Demolitionist specializaiton: Mechanics and Skullduggery specialization skills

5 XP for Powerful Blast talent

5 XP for Selective Detonation talent

10 XP for Toughened talent

15 XP for Enduring talent

20 XP for Improvised Detonation talent

25 XP for 2 ranks in Stealth skill

Mk. III Flak Vest

3 Detonite Charges

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