Sith Gods Campaign Idea

Following our path to the dark side this campaign is a bit different from the others. First, this campaign takes place during the age of the Old Republic though this can be changed if you so choose. Second, you play a group of proper Sith, not trainees. The premise is that a group of Sith are engaged in a battle with the Republic over Ord Mantell when they are forced to retreat. In the retreat their hyperdrive is damaged so mid flight the ship is dropped out of hyperspace in an unknown area. A damaged engine causes it to crash on a nearby planet. As the party of Sith (Only surviving members of the crash) emerge they soon discover that this planet is inhabited by humans (or another species of your choice) with a technology level similar to that of the First Crusade era Europe. As the Sith are discovered any display of their power makes them instantly worshiped as gods. At this point they may make the choice to forget the war and dominate the planet or do just as much as is necessary until they can repair their ship and leave.


Some things to keep in mind.


  • Because of how this campaign idea works it is too loose for a solid structure to be built.
  • If the group decides to become the gods of this world they should have to go around for a time proving their power to nonbelievers.
  • At some point there should be a war declared on them by another country which causes them to display their power in proper combat.
  • There are other force users on the planet but they, at best, have only a 2 Force rating as they do not recognize it for what it is. They still carry force-imbued weapons though
  • To give the players a proper feeling of power they should start with around 450 XP. This will allow them to have the XP needed to raise their force rating and buy some powers which will be useful in showing the regularĀ  people. They should also start with their own lightsaber of choice.
  • If you want you can have another group, sith, jedi, or otherwise discover the planet and threaten the players’ rule.
  • It should take some time and maybe even some extra materials to repair their ship if they choose to leave. Considering the low technological level of the planet, repairing the ship without a mechanic could take months.
  • The money the characters had before means nothing here so if they do not take the reigns as leaders then they will need to find another way to gain food and other essentials.
  • Here are some template NPCs for them to encounter throughout the journey.

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