So You Want to be a Dungeon Master

You’ve decided to try your hand at being a Dungeon Master. Here is a short list of things you will want or need.

1. A group. If you’re a Dungeon Master without a group, you’re an author.

2. Books. Whether physical or pdf, you will need resource books to reference for everything from character creation to rule debates

3. Dice. In every tabletop I’ve seen, dice rolls happen. In D&D especially, there are many different dice. Sets of these dice can get pricey, so I personally recommend the Outee

4. A story in mind. Whether it’s a premade campaign, an original one shot, or an epic adventure of your own imagination, you need a story to pull the players into.

5. Character sheets. Plain and simple, there are many different numbers to keep track of and character sheets do this for you.

Optional but recommended: a laptop, a DM screen, miniatures and maps, and/or notebooks.

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