Star Wars RPG

The Star Wars RPG is a set of games developed by Fantasy Flight Games. These games cover the massive world that is Star Wars from 3 different perspectives. The first game to be released, Edge of the Empire sees the galaxy and the players from the perspective of outlaws and smugglers running around on the fringe of the galaxy working for crime lords and evading what law there is. Age of Rebellion, the second in the group, focuses on the plight of the Rebellion from the films and their ongoing war with the Empire. This book focuses on military engagements and stories revolving around the Galactic Civil War. Force and Destiny, the final of the big three, brings the remnants of the Jedi and Sith order, allowing players to make true Jedi with multiple force powers and custom lightsabers. While all three books are separate and each have their own expansions they all share the same system and even note in their core books that they can be mixed together however the GM likes. Each book has unique character options as well as unique vehicles and equipment that makes each stand out on their own. These books will each be reviewed individually along with their published supplements. Below are the three core games which will include their additional releases as we move forward. Enjoy!

Edge of the Empire

Age of Rebellion

Force and Destiny