Age of Rebellion Beginner Game

Accessibility 10/10

The Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is another beginner game set for new players and GMs. It includes 4 pre-made characters, a dice set, an adventure, a rulebook, a double-sided map, and a set of tokens including 8 destiny tokens.

The set includes 4 characters for you to use, each with their own backstories and their own relationship to each other and the plot. These character sheets cover all the basics of using the character as well as an explanation on how to read and use the sheet, allowing new players to get an explanation alongside the sheets and stats themselves. It also contains a reference for all the dice symbols in the game and how they function.

The second page for the character details how to level up the character with a step by step example.

When all players have their characters you move onto the adventure book

The beginning of the book introduces the adventure and helps setup the relationship between the GM and the players. It then begins walking the GM through the setup and how to read the book, including telling them which parts are read to the players and what parts are kept secret. It also details how to use the map and tokens provided. The players control new recruits sent to seize control of an Imperial listening outpost. It begins with the players in the jungle as they try to discover the outpost. The first encounter consists of the players infiltrating the base. This is explored through many options such as convincing the soldiers, sneaking in, and hijacking a vehicle. This section covers how to preform skill checks and how they are handled by both the GM and the players. The next encounter covers the players launching an ambush on the Imperials and covers combat. In the 3rd encounter the players must find a way to prevent a droid from alerting others in the base to their presence. This covers social encounters, as well as some other ways to use skills in social situations. It also covers many ways to deal with a situation from a variety of angles, impressing the freedom of choice RPGs represent. Encounter 4 involves the players making their way deeper into the base. It covers a wide variety of options including stealth, convincing, and violence, similar to the initial entry of the base. The players then find a shuttle in the hangar that the leaders will use to escape with. The players must then decide how to disable it. After this the players level up and the game walks everyone through the process before moving on to the next encounter. Encounter 5 consists of the team fighting a group of stormtroopers or luring them away from the command center. Encounter 6 deals with the players gaining control of the control center before they are called by an Imperial officer. They can then try to deceive them, threaten them, or muscle through. Afterwards they discover the officer is on the run to send a message out. This begins Encounter 7 which focuses on chasing the officer, who has left on a vehicle, with stolen vehicles and includes details on chase scenes and how to make them feel cinematic.  This also uses the moment to teach vehicle combat rules. At the end of this the adventure is technically over but it includes a list of other minor things the party can do and how to deal with them as well as details on rewarding gear, experience, and how to incorporate the adventure into a long running campaign if desired.


Final Conclusions:

The adventure is very well made and does an amazing job at both teaching the players and the GM about the game and how to play it. The main rulebook included is only really useful for clarification as it doesn’t include all the fun information contained in the Core book. The map included in this one, unlike the one in the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, is very generic and therefore highly reusable as an Imperial base. It can be reused again and again and still makes sense in context since, as a major military organization their bases might be extremely similar since it would allow a soldier to go to a new base and already know where everything is located. If you’re looking to get into the Star Wars RPG and want to focus on the Rebellion from the films then this is certainly the game for you.

Accessibility 10/10

Thank you all so much for reading and if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for what I should review next please leave them in the comments below or email me with the subject “Beginner RPG”. And if you’re interested in the game you can buy it here. Have a wonderful day.


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