Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

Accessibility: 10/10

The Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game is a game set that includes everything necessary for a new GM and new players to get into and understand the Star Wars RPG. The set includes a beginner adventure, a basics rule book, instructions, a double-sided map, 4 detailed sample characters and their sheets, a complete set of Star Wars dice, 8 destiny tokens, and roughly 50 other tokens.

So the set includes 4 characters for you to use, each with their own backstories and their own relationship to each other and the plot. These character sheets cover all the basics of using the character as well as an explanation for each aspect of the sheet, allowing new players to get an explanation with a more clear reference than most other games. It also contains a reference for all the dice symbols in the game and how they function.

The second page includes a comparison sheet that details spending experience to buy new talents and skills which comes up in the beginner game.

Once everyone has chosen their characters they are ready to play the beginner game. The game itself is short and covers an escape mission. The party is, for varied reasons, on the run from a Hutt (slug alien) crime lord and looking to escape the planet quickly. Throughout the adventure the rules and systems that make up the game are introduced piece by piece in an organic way. You start running into a cantina and need to find a way to hide. From here the game covers how skill check works and gives a variety of ways to hide that don’t all rely on stealth. Something will happen and some thugs will discover the party starting combat. The adventure then covers the rules of combat and explains the different types of enemies. After that the party needs to find a way off the planet and the game uses an included map to give multiple options for how to approach, followed by their appropriate skill checks and the rules involved. This includes climbing, negotiation, and other options. Around this time the party also levels up and the game takes a break to help everyone level up their characters. It uses the character sheets to walk everyone through the process with pre-selected level ups for the characters. Finally the game leads to the party finding a spaceship to steal and leave the planet with. The party then has to go and deal with an Imperial communications center to ensure the ship can leave. Finally, they make their way to the ship itself. This ends in the boss encounter and the party successfully escaping.


Final Conclusions:

Overall the adventure is extremely well done and helps both new GMs and new players learn the system organically in an easy-to-follow way. The included rule book is very bare-bones and is mostly used in case of confusion but is not really necessary if you’re playing the included adventure. The character tokens are useful for the game but only a few will still be useful outside of the beginner game, unlike the destiny tokens which are useful in every game you play with the system. The maps are nicely detailed and are generic enough that you might get the occasional use for them in other sessions. Overall, if you’re looking to get into the Star Wars RPG this is a great way to start for both GMs and players. And with the Beginner Game costing less than the Core Rule Book it’s definitely worth the investment.

Accessibility: 10/10

Thank you all so much for reading and if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for what I should review next please leave them in the comments below or email me with the subject “Beginner RPG”. And if you’re interested in the game you can buy it here. Have a wonderful day.


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