Edge of the Empire: Enter the Unknown

Accessibility: 8/10

Another career sourcebook for Edge of the Empire, Enter the Unknown deals with explorers and, well, exploration. Because of the heavy roleplay nature of discovery and survival this book is certainly more descriptive than many of the other career sourcebooks. But like the others it is split into 3 chapter with a short narrative at the beginning.

Cover Image for Chapter 1 on page 10

The first chapter handles the character aspect of explorers, giving them new backgrounds that directly correspond to each specialization, new obligations, new species (including fan favorite chiss), new specializations, new obligations, and the explorer signature abilities. Each section is laid out similarly to other sourcebooks making them very easy to approach if others have been read and even without they are nicely separated and the tables given make the information easy to digest.

New weapons on page 43

Chapter 2 handles all of the new gear and vehicles available to the player. As stated above this book is much more heavily centered on roleplay and that shows in the item descriptions. While other books do have a good amount of information for each item the amount in this book can be staggering. This is most likely because the book focuses less on combat and more on roleplay, and so the items have additional descriptors to help in their roleplay use. The amount of new survival and medical gear is astounding and their details are quite thorough. While this chapter has a myriad of interesting gear there is one problem with it. The amount of information, while very useful, can quickly feel overwhelming. As seen in the picture above most of the pages are completely covered in paragraphs with less break up. The information is neatly organized which is helpful but the walls of text can feel intimidating to new readers.

Pros and Cons of Foreshadowing on page 77

The final chapter is the main chapter for GMs. This gives them all the information they need for running an explorer campaign, complete with reasons to explore, tall tales, crafting scenes, making memorable characters, story construction, adventure seeds, making nemeses, and the risks and rewards of exploration. Unlike many other sourcebooks this one does not contain an easy to read table for the rewards or jobs. Instead the entire chapter is filled with paragraph upon paragraph of information. But the information is still neatly organized making it easy to discern which section you need when looking for something. Because a GM should already be accustomed to reading quite a bit the chapter feels less oppressing than the gear one does. Instead, with the nice organization, it feels very helpful and inviting.

Overall the book is very well put together and while it may not fully satisfy a group that enjoys number-crunching it is a fantastic addition for the group to use and ties in very well with the campaign idea for the Donovan Colony. The book is well-laid out and, while a bit dense in some sections is filled with helpful and fun information to make any roleplay on the fringes of civilization feel just a little bit more realistic. I would not recommend it for a group focused on mercenary combat or Imperial engagements but it could be great for a Star Trek-like campaign, a rebellion campaign to establish new bases, or even a Jedi campaign focused on hiding from the Empire and exploring ancient temples.

Accessibility: 8/10

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