Edge of the Empire: Jewel of Yavin

Accessibility: 6/10


The Jewel of Yavin is an adventure module for Edge of the Empire. It gives the story of a classic heist operation and is a really fun setup. The book begins with the classic little story except that this time, rather than setting up the flavor of the universe, the story acts as a sort of prologue to the adventure. It contains characters and events that become relevant later in the the story. Now, as this entire book is one long adventure, this review won’t be as long as others because I don’t want to give major spoilers for anyone who ends up playing this.

The story is about the group being hired to steal an expensive jewel from a museum. It’s called the Jewel of Yavin and is worth a fortune. The story is broken up into 3 parts with the first part being the attempt by the players  to get invited to the auction taking place at the museum. There the plan is to hack into the systems and send the winning bid to their employer and then steal the jewel for them. They earn their spot there through a race and plan their heist. The second part is the heist itself. And the last part is the getaway and payout.

The adventure adds a few new items that can be purchased in another game if you want. This includes the Relby-K23 Blaster Pistol, a stun club, the Arrow 7 Airspeeder, and the Courier-Class Yacht. It also contains a plethora of new enemies, NPCs, and an extensive breakdown of Cloud City useful for any campaign in which the players visit the floating city. It also has, at the end, a few suggestions for continuing the story after the main adventure ends. It’s very well written but requires quite a bit of thought. As with any heist you can’t just go in, guns blazing, and so it requires a lot of in depth thought and planning. The maps it provides are nice and fun.


The only issue for a new player is in the complexity. There are a lot of checks to make and a lot of additional details to keep in mind. For a GM this is made easy by the book doing almost all of the work for you but for a player there is a lot to go through and keep in mind. It is recommended for any group going through this adventure to take lots of notes. While the game is really fun and very thought out it is recommended, due to the complexity, that  beginners play a different adventure or just play smaller adventures until they are more experienced with the system and the role play aspects.

If you want to steal the Jewel of Yavin you can find the book here.

Accessibility: 6/10


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