Edge of the Empire: Lords of Nal Hutta


Accessibility: 7/10

The Lords of Nal Hutta supplement is similar to the Strongholds supplement in that it is different from the usual supplements released which are either career supplements or adventure modules. This book covers a very specific section of the galaxy known as Hutt Space.

The book begins with the usual short story to introduce tone and then a shorter section covering the themes of the book. The book is broken into 4 chapters including a historical lore section, a breakdown of important and interesting places, new player options, and some short adventures to use in any campaign.


The first chapter covers hutt history, but more importantly the current state of the hutts, including their codes and culture. With hutts playing such a vital role in the world of Star Wars knowing how they think and work is important to players and GMs alike as they are commonly interacted with by criminals so any criminal player would have some basic knowledge of how they work. This also sets up a lot of useful information for any player wanting to take advantage of the new species introduced in the game since one of them is a hutt. It also establishes important things for smugglers and pirates by including information on the spice trade, smuggling, gunrunning, piracy, gambling, and slavery. All fun things for players to get involved with, whether it be in their favor or not. It does mention other information like how the hutts deal with the Rebel Alliance and the Empire but neither are very important to players. This is mostly GM information.


The second chapter deals in hutt planets. and while it does offer some interesting locals and encounters it is very much for GM use. Nar Shadaa being a hub for criminal activity might make it worth a read for players as any criminal party would have a decent knowledge of the moon. But the rest is targeted at GMs.

Nikto, Sakiyan, Gank, and Hutt

The third chapter is the big one and it’s for players. The new player options here are wonderful. Unlike most supplements that offer 3 new aliens this book offers 4 and they’re all unique. The big stand out, aside from the hutt, is something called a gank. They’re basically a cyborg version of the wolfman from the old films. Not only do they often possess awesome armor but their big focus is cybernetics. For someone wanting a cyborg character these are the best option, aside from droids, as not only do they start with two free cybernetics up to a 5,000 credit value, but they also start with a plus three to their cybernetics cap allowing them to have plentiful cybernetics at the very beginning. The downside is their difficulty working with others and their bad reputation on other worlds. But if you want a fighter loaded with cybernetic enhancements they’re one of the best. Aside from the ganks the other races are pretty good and well balanced. Mix this book and Force and Destiny and you can play a jedi hutt. This book also adds some really cool weapons like the cortosis staff and acid projector. But to go with the ganks it also has a slew of cybernetics like the respirator, adrenal implant and almighty repulsor fist, a cybernetic arm that lets you explode things with your hands. It’s pretty awesome and is a staple on most cyborg characters my group makes. The book has some fun toys too like loaded dice for gambling and some nasty poisons. The ships are nice but don’t stand out too much. Other than the barge and skiff from Episode VI don’t expect to see many familiar faces.

The final chapter covers a bunch of small jobs a party can take. They’re pretty straightforward little jobs that are decently fun and can definitely keep players entertained for a while. The last adventure in the book, The Dead Road, is particularly interesting as it can end with the party being rich beyond belief. I won’t spoil it but the end includes a final sequence that leaves the party with as much riches as the GM decides o give them. This can be very little as they watch all their riches fly out the window or they can end up with enough to buy a couple of space stations of their own. A single item from this adventure is listed at 75,000 credits so when you get a pile……


Overall the book is pretty good and actually has a lot of fun stuff for both players and GMs. The new things it introduces are actually done in a way that’s much easier to understand than it was in Strongholds. As well a lot of the information in non-player sections are still of use and interest to players making the book overall more exciting to read. You may not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy in the other books but you won’t find wolfmen with explosion fists either. You can buy it here and begin practicing your hutt laugh.


Accessibility: 7/10

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