Edge of the Empire: No Disintegrations

Accessibility: 9/10

A book that was a very long time coming. If there was one career in Edge of the Empire that felt like it symbolized the near-lawless Outer Rim it’s the Bounty Hunter, second being the Smuggler. Finally having the sourcebook for Bounty Hunters it does not disappoint. It is filled with useful abilities, gear, and GM tips. Like the other sourcebooks it is divided into three chapters. Although, before the first chapter there is a larger than usual section with helpful information regarding bounty hunters, how they work with the law, the bounties themselves, competition, and other interesting subjects.

Bounty Hunters at the Edge on page 5

The first chapter focuses on the hunters themselves, giving new backgrounds, obligations, new species (including the shapeshifting clawdite as seen in Attack of the Clones), new specializations (including ones similar to those in Endless Vigil like the Martial Artist, Operator, and Skip Tracer allowing you to make sci-fi Batman), new motivations, and two new signature abilities. The new signature abilities are great and the “Always Get My Mark” ability can definitely make you feel like the greatest bounty hunter, or Batman, by instantly finding whoever you’re looking for. It’s a lot of really useful and cool new options for players to toy with.

Aggressor Assault Fighter on page 57

The second chapter handles character gear and gives some fun toys like flame projectors, wrist-mounted micro-rockets, mandalorian armor, under-barrel rocket launcher, rocket boots, holographic disguises, and some recognizable vehicles. It also includes the rules and stats for using space mines, and a small variety to choose from.

Chapter three cover image on page 66

The third chapter includes new tips and rules for the GM to work with. It continues off the ideas introduced before the first chapter and expands on them with in-depth looks at guilded hunters and unlicensed hunters. It also includes deep rules for investigations. Again, if you have Endless Vigil then some of these tips and investigation rules can feel very familiar but seeing as they were made for separate systems, Endless Vigil for Force and Destiny and No Disintegrations for Edge of the Empire, it makes sense for some topics to be visited multiple times. The focus on investigation is very in-depth with a few tables and a lot of paragraphs. It also includes some short sample campaigns to help illustrate investigations and bounty hunting. It gives a very useful section on rewarding bounty hunters and making your own bounties with their prices. It ends with a fun new type of reward called exploits. They are basically reputation bonuses that the players can get based on how they handle bounties such as being precise and not killing bystanders. It gives a 10% bonus to the bounty price. Fun things like this definitely expand the feel of the bounty hunter and make it more interesting to play.

The book is a great addition and while the focus on investigations in the third chapter can lead to a bit too many paragraphs with no real break up between them. Other than that though the book is easy to read and is filled with great pictures, useful tables, and a fantastic layout.

Accessibility: 9/10

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