Force and Destiny: Endless Vigil

Accessibility: 10/10

The sourcebook for Sentinels has an interesting mix. The majority of the book seems focused on making the characters Batman while the rest is instead focused on podracing and giving the specialization for it. It’s an odd mix that sometimes feels jarring but does nothing to take away from the book’s quality or accessibility. Like other books of its kind it is divided into 3 chapters after an introductory short story.

Chapter 1 cover image on page 8.

Chapter 1 is the chapter devoted to the sentinel career. It includes new backgrounds, a nicely laid out morality chart, 3 new species (including the pantorans seen in Clone Wars), 3 new specializations (including the Investigator and Sentry for your Batman needs and the Racer for your podracing needs.), 2 new signature abilities, and a new Force power that assists the Artisan specialization. It’s a strong chapter using the same format as the other sourcebooks making it easy to approach for new and old alike.

Chapter 2 cover image on page 38

The second chapter covers the new gear and vehicles. It includes interesting lightsaber options such as Kylo Ren’s infamous crossguard, a lightsaber crystal that produces an invisible blade, and the weird lightwhip. You also get the Pit droids, those bumbling mechanics from Phantom Menace. And then there are the podracers, as seen in Phantom Menace, and their many attachments. There is a small selection of starships but nothing special.

Chapter 3 cover image on page 64

The third chapter gives GM tips focused on expanding going more in-depth with urban sprawls. There is a table for spending advantage and triumph in an urban setting followed by tips for things lik “Alien species in urban environments” and “Complications with law enforcement.” There is an additional table for encounters in a crowd, in traffic, confined spaces, and vertical spaces. It also gives multiple tips and tables for contact networks, and information gathering. It gives advice and additional rules for running investigations before giving possibly the most important thing for GMs and players in the book, lightsaber crafting. It’s handled similarly to weapon crafting in Special Modifications. There are a few additional tips for running a sentinel campaign before the book ends.

The book is easy to approach and the use of clean tables makes the third chapter easier to navigate than the third chapters in some of the other sourcebooks. The crafting is clear and easy to follow and the information throughout the book are nicely broken up. I feel like the signature abilities in this book are a bit underwhelming and that the podracing might have fit better in a different book but the way it’s presented is still clear and easy to follow. The book is a good buy, especially if you want to play magic Batman. Combining this book with No Disintegrations would allow for an interesting Batman build. Take Investigator from this book and Martial Artist from No Disintegrations and you’d have the basis for a strong combat investigator using the Force.

Accessibility: 10/10

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