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ForĀ  the final day of Star Wars month I want to take this chance to spotlight the creations of other talented players. I’ll be including links to other people’s custom content with a brief description of it. I hope you all enjoy it and thank you so much for following us through this long month.


Starfighter Collection and Freighter Collection– by LibrariaNPC

These are two great collections of different starfighters and freighters that people can reference and add to their own game. Some of the ships posted are similar to ships posted here, such as the Belbullab, but there are also great options like the ARC-170 Starfighter.


Ship Images and Maps– by Ruakar

This is a fantastic collection of maps and starship layouts that any group can use in their game. There are also some really nice images of weapons that can be used as reference.


“Some Vehicles”– by Lord Zack

Another collection of vehicles with some good stats.


Another Large Vehicle Collection– by DragonDust101

This is another great vehicle collection to look at for Imperial vehicles.


Imperial Capital Ships– by Winchester3

A really nice collection of capital ships used by the Empire with art by Fractalsponge.


Clone Wars Blasters– by TheWanderingJewels

A few blasters from the Clone Wars era.


Planet Maps– by Kevlar – Draugtroll

A great collection of planet maps whose style is reminiscent of the comics. They’ve also overlayed the planetary information from Wookiepedia with the map image. Overall an amazing visual resource.


Planets– by Nytwyng

A great collection of planets done in the same format as the books. They look great and it is definitely worth checking out.


There are plenty of other great creations out there and I hope you all check out these creations. Thank you all so much for following us

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