The Donovan Colony

This campaign idea focuses on the establishing of a colony on Felucia. The party is hired by Mr. Donovan to travel with him and his people to Felucia to establish a new home. They are promised free food and shelter while they are on the job and an additional 3,000 credits per person when they have finished. The party will be there for a few months as they help to deal with locals and find long term food.


Dontan Colony

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The walls of the colony will at first be an electrical fence before being replaced with durasteel and ferrocrete.
  • The blank spaces on the map represent buildings that can be fleshed out by the party.
  • If a player character wants to establish a home or shop they can get a loan from Mr. Donovan or the bank to do so. Because of their help in establishing the colony the loan will be on much more favorable terms for the player.
  • The buildings will at first be only under construction and not be available to the players.
  • The players can assist in running security or joining hunting parties to find sustainable food while the farm is constructed south of the colony.
  • The players may also use their ship, especially if it is a freighter, to go and pick up supplies for different members of the colony.
  • The players may have to fight with locals and acklays that live in the dense jungle.
  • The colony would eventually be targeted by a crazed zabrak that lives in the jungle with his nexu and tries to hunt the colony members and lure them out into the jungle. The links in this have the character stats.
  • When the colony is able to finally stand on its own, if the party has been helpful, then they are given their payment and also promised free landing and refueling here whenever needed and the colony can be considered a safe place for them to retreat to when needed.

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