The Mystery of Lehon

This campaign idea is a bit similar to some of the other ideas I’ve posted except that this one is more focused on wilderness survival and navigation. The party is either a group of explorers, archeologists, or just on the run for some various act of theirs they come out to a planet with a massive ring of scrap metal orbiting it. As the party approaches the planet their ship is disabled and they must make a crash landing on the ground. They find themselves on a tropical continent with hundreds of other crashed ships. They must make their way around the planet, trying to find where they are and how to leave. Eventually they will find an ancient temple with unreadable writing. After investigating it for a while they come across an ancient terminal that is somehow still working. Finally they find a way to disable the defensive shield around the planet and leave, perhaps with a few souvenirs.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • The ship can spend some time at the beginning repairing their ship but the noise of the repairs can attract the attention of the local wildlife which can lead to the party having to fend off attacks on the ship while they work on it.
  • If they fix the ship and try to leave they will find it disabled at a certain altitude and repeat the crash landing, though less destructively.
  • One of the mainstay wildlife on the planet is rancors which can be highly lethal to an inexperienced party.
  • The party may choose to investigate other crashed ships and find valuables, weapons, and interesting knowledge in them. With enough luck they can find some terminals that still work and contain information on the planet and that vessels fate.
  • The party, if investigating multiple terminals will find the name of the planet to be Lehon in some and Rakata Prime in others, if they can read it.
  • When the party finds the temple they can find old lightsabers and other artifacts around the location.
  • When the party messes with the ancient terminal they can roll a Daunting Lore skill check to make out something about a Star Forge and the Infinite Empire.
  • Any Force sensitive party members can feel the dark side in the planet and might be corrupted if the party stays too long.
  • The sourcebook Savage Spirits is very useful for this campaign as it contains additional rules and options for wilderness survival.
  • When the party leaves they can report the planet to the Empire or someone else for a reward. The Empire may or may not send Inquisitors after the party to silence them if the Emperor considers the dark side secrets of the planet too valuable. Otherwise they may be handsomely rewarded by whomever they tell for their efforts.

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