William Cifer

Today we have a character and their group that can be used in a campaign as a villain or ally.

Name: William Cifer

Bio:William Cifer was created in a  lab on Arkania. At 19 he killed his creator and sibling and fled the planet. It was not long before he ended up as a slave to the zygerrians. During the construction of a ship for a zyggerian criminal Will hid himself in some paneling. After he had been assumed dead and the ship had taken off he came out and killed everyone aboard. He then took the ship and, after teaching himself how to fly it, landed on Tattoine. He soon started doing some jobs for a hutt and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. When he was 28 he had managed to become the lieutenant to the Hutt. By this point he had discovered his connection to the Force and had been training it in secret. Once he had enough power and the right opportunity he killed the Hutt and seized control of his group. They quickly gathered everything and fled Tattooine and began working out of Karazak. He rebranded the group as the Eyes of Providence and began using them as an information network as well as a drug smuggling ring. Soon he uncovered an ancient holocron and used it to begin his research into the Force. He then shifted his focus and while rapidly expanding his operations and getting involved in the slave trade he began launching secret expeditions to find ancient Jedi and Sith temples. Now at 42 his operation and power have grown immensely, as has his lust for knowledge.

Abilities: Will has a Force Rating of 5 and the Unleash and Farsight  powers. He possesses a 5 in all characteristics except Brawn and Agility, which are 2. He has 5 ranks of Charm, Perception, Negotiation, Deception, and Vigilance. He also carries a punch dagger, neuronic whip, and combat knife.

Resources: Will is in charge of a criminal organization The Eyes of Providence and has access to a few hundred million credits. His base on Karazak is hidden deep underground and has a vault where he stores any Force artifacts he collects. He has 4 primary starships, all of custom design but are comparable to Star Destroyers in their function and weaponry. Their armor is a bright and reflective gold, making them easy to spot. Will primarily deals in the slave and drug trade at this point and has plenty to offer the party if they are in the market.

How to use them: Will is paranoid and rarely shows up in person without a guard. His Force powers are kept tightly under wraps and he only uses his Farsight in public. While in front of those he does not trust he leans heavily on his cane and gives the show of being weaker than he is. He often sends lieutenants to handle the normal deals and only involves himself if the client is particularly interesting or has a connection to the Force, either a direct connection or an artifact. He is exceptionally cruel and finds suffering amusing. If a slave talks back while near him he will use the punch dagger to uppercut into the jaw and then drag them behind him with the blade digging into the jaw. He is known for making examples of people and overreacting to slights against him. He has destroyed a city because of a single resident before, using his ships to glass it from orbit.

While exceptionally cruel he does always uphold his end of a bargain. If a character makes a deal with him he will uphold it and expects the same from them. However, he leaves his deals vague and open to loopholes that he will often abuse. Making a deal with him is like making a wish with a monkey’s paw.

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